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JAF series air filter

JAF series air filter

JAF series air filter is used to clean the dust , oil mist Emulsification aerosol which evacuated by the vacuum pumps, there is no exhaust pipe needed, keep the working environment clean and healthy.

The filter is made up of ionizing device,collectors,fan motor and power etc.

Product features:

1、High efficiency: easy to collect dust particles with different diameters.

2、Convenience: the modular type cleaning devices are easy to install and disassembly, just like a drawer.

3、Advanced technolgy: high voltage power modular can supply the stable electric field intensity,and it can also equipped with protection device on over current and voltage.

4、Safty: the power is off automatically when you open the maintenance door . High voltage parts are sealed by epoxy resin ,running safty and reliable.

5、Economic: long life to use , less power and space to use.

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